I have always been a massive believer in the paranormal, stories of the unexplained have always captivated me ever since I was a child. My nan showed me my first horror movie at a young age and from then I was hooked. Programs like strange but true, beyond belief: fact or fiction were among my favourites to watch. As I grew I found a love for the works of Stephen King and found myself drawn to possession movies. 

Working for 14 years in a corporate security background I have encountered many security officers who have shared stories of buildings being inhabited by spirits, unexplained occurrences and sightings of apparitions. I myself have experienced strange goings on while on shift in various buildings across the capitol.  

I have always been creative and have also worked as an actor for many years, I decided it was time to put everything I have experienced and the stories I have been told, mix it with the natural talent for entertaining. It  was also my intention to create a safe space for people to share their experiences with the paranormal without the fear of scepticism. 

the Dark Whispers podcast was born.

As the podcast grows, I decided it was time to build a website to help share and get in touch with my audience. Feel free to explore but tread carefully as not all is what it seems, ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the crypt! 

Here you can submit your own experiences to us to be featured on the show, keep up to date with upcoming seasons of the show, get in touch and tell us what you think and make any suggestions of your own for the show! 

welcome to the crypt